The best microwave function

Christmas cat sleeping

This was pretty much me all through Christmas

As some of you may have realised, Jon and I had an impromptu hiatus from the blog over the Christmas period. Mainly because we thought, “writing a blog over Christmas, when we have more time and there are plenty of good things to write about, is just a silly idea.”

It was also a nice holiday.

But as we return to our jobs and fill our lives with real responsibilities, we turn to our corner of whimsy and inspiration all over again, to support all those others who are revisiting the monotony of day-to-day life.

And on that cheery note, I thought I would start strong for the New Year on the topic of microwaves!

MicrowavePopcorn.xlarge (1)

Microwave popcorn, the food of the gods

I don’t know what I would do without a microwave. I would probably never be able to eat popcorn or melt chocolate again! They just work so well. Although, one interesting thing about them, then tend to dry out foods you would like to keep moist, and moisten up foods you’d like to keep dry. That’s kind of annoying.

One great thing about a microwave is that everyone “knows” how they work but they don’t really know how they work. I mean obviously they use microwaves (I’m now talking about the physics definition of a microwave) to excite the water particles within food, thus creating heat and cooking the food.

But how does that really happen or work? How are the microwaves created? Where do they come from? Why do they excite the water particles? How does energy transferral through the air make sense? Also, my above explanation of how a microwave works might be wildly off the mark, I’ve just never bothered to check.

I recently went to go see the film American Hustle (the one that is nominated for pretty much everything at the Golden Globes and is likely to mirror this with the Oscars) and they referred to a microwave as a ‘science oven’.

American hustle microwave

Science oven doesn’t do too good with metal…  

I thought that was pretty accurate and totally appropriate: how does a microwave cook your food? Yeah, science!

Yeah science

Anyway, the best function on a microwave is the defrost function. I probably use this twice as often as I use the normal cooking option. It allows you to buy up all that crazy reduced meat which goes for a pittance, freeze it and then dine like a king at a later date.

It means you can always overbuy and then freeze accordingly – my housemate and I manage to last about 2-3 weeks between shopping trips because we know we can just defrost stuff in the microwave without prior planning.

This may not seem amazing to you but I absolutely love it! Defrost function, I applaud you.

Although, I do hate it when you forget it’s on defrost and then cook normally and your food feels tepid even after 10 minutes and then you have to wait another 10 minutes. Super annoying!