The very best thing about menopause… seriously.


Look how fun menopause looks… I saw this book today and had to share…

Now in terms of target audience, I’m not sure that I’m hitting it here. But I saw the book above and thought, there’s got to be a best thing in this.

And when I look at those women in the picture, it makes me think there are plenty of best things. It looks like a real party.

But I actually don’t know that much about a ceasing menstrual cycle. It’s pretty far from things I think about and even further from what I’ve experienced.

But here on Best Things, that’s never stopped us. Not even once.

So the best thing about menopause is surely the power it brings you.

As a woman whose reached the magic age, you have the ability to make any male just stop talking at any time you want. All you have to do is use the right vocabulary. Talk about hormones or hot flushes. Start your sentences with ‘As a woman of a certain age…’

Do this stuff and you’ll put the men in their place.

I guess it’s a similar power to that of breastfeeding. Start doing that and men will leave. Because I guess sometimes in life it is just better if the men in your life disappear for a little bit.

Or at least that’s what merchandise like this leads me to believe:


When men eventually lose the power to vote, the chauvinists will use this as fuel light the fire of equality… well maybe.

That’s your best thing today.

I never thought I’d write about that topic but I guess the desperation of a post every weekday will take us to some strange places…