The best sandwich shops in York


It’s nearly Christmas everyone! And because it’s Christmas, it means I have returned to York to see my family and friends.

York is a brilliant place; big enough so that there’s actually stuff going on but small enough that you can easily get around – it’s got everything you could possibly need (apart from an IKEA – definitely need to get that planned in). It’s also quite nice to look at.

But, two of the best things about York are the sandwich shops, Brown’s and Mair’s. Both Mairsare absolutely incredible and make all other sandwich shops pale in comparison. Now, by no means am I a sandwich connoisseur, I don’t even like sandwiches that much, but I know a good sandwich when I have one.


First of all, they both bake their own bread in store, which means it is fresh, soft and massively tasty. This is a vital aspect of any self-respecting sandwich shop, otherwise you have to contend with either stale bread or bread pumped full of preservatives. I always choose the Sun-dried tomato Ciabatta at Mair’s

Secondly, they both have weird fillings. Mair’s is a particular culprit of this. There will almost always be a component of your sandwich that you’ve never heard of or you think is a peculiar addition. For instance:

Gressingham duck breast with xmas pudding stuffing on a bed of rocket and green peppers with orange + balsamic dressing

I’ve got no idea what makes Gressingham duck special but I definitely want to find out. Also, what on earth is xmas pudding stuffing?! Weird, certainly intriguing and absolutely delicious.


This mallard doesn’t match up to a Gressingham duck – it’s had a good go though

Thirdly, their prices aren’t extortionate despite providing you with packets of joy. Brown’s is particularly good for this with all their sandwiches priced at £2.50 – very affordable and matches up with what supermarkets charge for their nicer sandwiches.

Fourthly, these sandwiches have some weight behind them. They’re not a pitiful size. In fact, a Mair’s sandwich is probably the size of my face, full of meat and cheese and vegetables. In both stores the £ to pound ratio is fantastic!

All in all, I make sure I visit at least one of these two sandwich shops whenever I return to York because I absolutely love them. It makes a nice change from the shops in St Albans which charge over £4 to provide you with an unimaginative, small and pre-packed bread sandwich.

I might sound a bit snobby about this all, but it’s probably the opposite, I get annoyed by the ridiculous prices I pay in the South for a sandwich which couldn’t hold a candle to these two stores. Maybe I should ask if either Mair’s or Brown’s want to start a franchise, I could bring some of the joy from the North to the South…