The best Christmas present I’ve opened so far


Probably the best present response ever…

There are many schools of thought when it comes to receiving and opening presents before Christmas – some come down on the side of ‘open it now, I must open it now!’, whilst others land on the side of ‘I am a person with a will and I choose to exert that will for good, therefore I will not open this until Christmas day’.

Both have their drawbacks and benefits, although the potential for opening an embarrassing joke present from a friend on Christmas day in front of your Grandparents  means most people will probably open at least one present before Christmas.

Me, I’m not quite sure which side I fall down on for the most part, but I’ve definitely already opened a Christmas present.

photo (11)

I put it next to a 30cm ruler so you can appreciate the true gravity of its size

This is my giant tube of Jaffa Cakes – something which I am extremely proud of and mightily grateful for. It was given to me by a work colleague who saw it and thought, “Stephen would love this!”, and she was completely right.

What’s not to love about it?! It’s inconveniently sized, adding the novelty factor, it’s a present which sprung from past conversations, adding the caring factor, and it’s full of Jaffa Cakes, adding the amazing factor! It’s basically brilliant and made me so happy that I immediately devoured an entire packet.

This tube fits well into the plethora of other novelty gifts given out at Christmas, most of them involving a giant version of a regular sweet sold at an extortionate price. Take, for instance, the giant Lindt chocolate:

Lindt giant

‘And here we have the mother Lindt, nurturing her young offspring’

Or the giant packet of Love Hearts:

Lovehearts giant

So this could really be a normal sized packet of Love Hearts but it’s actually giant, just trust me

Disappointingly, these large packets are simply vessels for the standard version of the sweet treat and are nowhere near as impressive as virtually anything from Pimp That Snack.

If you’ve never heard of Pimp That Snack then you definitely need to check it out – it’ll definitely provide you with at least a good half hour of fun, slobbering and gluttonous desire as you decide that nothing else in this world truly matches up to a HUGE Creme Egg:

Creme egg giant

My tube of Jaffa Cakes does pale slightly in comparison to this but it does have a wonderful, Christmassy pun along its side:

photo (10)

For more massive food fun, check out Epic Mealtimes – a Youtube channel which fills you with a mixture of emotions, ranging all the way from big respect for the people who did it, through to absolute disgust.

Despite being for Thanksgiving, I think this would make a satisfactory Christmas dinner: