The best way to become a superhero without trying too hard


This is Ironman – sort of.

You know what I like? Superheroes. You know what I don’t like? Having to try really hard for things I only care a little bit about.

You know the feeling. You care enough to give something a go but actually it turns out that it’s really hard and you’d wish you never started. Well people like you and me, we need easy solutions.

So in our quest to become superheroes (which everyone is on, even if you don’t like The Avengers) I’ve come up with a shortcut.

Sure the results are less impressive when you take the Best Things approach to super-heroism but also you don’t need to try that hard so it’s totally worth it.

All I’m suggesting is that you let me help you with a little re-brand. Because that name and job title you’ve been using for all these years – well let me be honest – we’re all bored of it.

So here are the steps to becoming a mighty superhero through the (slightly underwhelming) power of marketing. Get ready to re-brand yourself, everybody.


  1. Think about some of the things you do. Do you have a job, a hobby, a peculiar talent?
  2. Pick one of the best things you do to be the centre of your re-brand.
  3. Make yourself a superhero name based on that central aspect. (use this hero name-generator for examples if you’re stuck)
  4. Work out how to live the name – What can you do to reaffirm your brand identity? – carry a prop, develop a catch phrase or stand more mightily than normal.

That’s it. Transformation complete. Sure you won’t be able to fight any crime really but you can walk around with a renewed sense of positivity and maybe just a hint of arrogance.

But let me give you some case studies so you know exactly what this means. I wouldn’t want you misusing the power of the re-brand.

So I’m a Communications Officer by trade – essentially I write stuff. Maybe I could go for a name like Word Man or The Communication Station but that’s not appealing to me.

Instead, you can call me The Vocabulator. My catch phrase is ‘I know several of the words!‘ and I carry around a blank dictionary because I already know several of the words. Why would I need a dictionary? My superpower is synonym suggesting, mainly.

Sometimes I help out the Cliché Police, but never the Grammar Nazis.


This is also called the vocabulator but that’s not really what I was going for…

Steve, on the other hand, does something with Market Research. The other day he was in a supermarket researching whether customers noticed that the shelving was slightly different. Turns out they didn’t notice.

You can see from that, how re-branding can be difficult. To make Steve into a superhero, there is a lot of work to do. But the power of marketing knows few limits.

Steve suggested that he should be called The Researcher Destroyer but I suggested that sounds like he kills researchers. Which is definitely not his job. Instead of going along the research line, I think we should focus on his about his ability to ask people about things.

Let’s call him The Quiz Master. He really does like asking questions. He says so in this post from back in the day.

As the quiz master, Steve speaks in a booming yet smooth voice. His main power is to disarm a villain with a well thought out question.

Customer: I plan on stealing all of the things from this shop.

Steve: But how would your mother feel about that? Answer using a scale of 1-5 where 1 is very happy and 5 is very sad.

A successful re-brand turns the humble researcher into a mighty question master.

So I hope you’ve got a good idea of what this Best Thing is all about. Become an underwhelming (but still quite good) superhero by changing your brand.

We’d love to see what you come up with by following the four steps – most of your ideas are actually better than ours so don’t keep it to yourself!

Comment below or on social things to let us know. We really want to see how good you are at this self-marketing business…