The best internet music station to work to

8 tracks

Have you heard of 8tracks?

I hadn’t until recently. In fact, I thought it was spelt 8trax, trying to be all cool, and I was sorely mistaken. Google sorted me out though with the helpful, albeit slightly patronising, Did you mean: 8 tracks? I certainly did mean that – thanks Google!

Basically, it’s a great way to discover and listen to loads of music for free. Its only catch is that most of the music on it is really so obscure that you’ve never heard of the artist, let alone the song. But, it does improve your skills at the game: “listen to something horrible so that something great sounds all the better!”

Anyway, most of you probably have heard of 8tracks because you’re either early adopters or middle adopters. By early adopters I mean those people who took a Snapchat two years ago of them sending their last ever tweet because Twitter was no longer cool. Middle adopters are those people who joined Pintrest when it was still invite only.

Me, I’m a “wait until it’s retro” adopter.

I need enough people to tell me about something, to hammer its benefits home, to really highlight to me how good an idea it is before I actually pick up on it. By this point, most people have already left the service and all that’s left is me and 2 million joke accounts for the animals of the early adopters. It’s lonely out here.

Facebook animal

This is the future of the entirety of Facebook – I give it 2 years – you have been warned

Hopefully, I’m not too late on this one though and this may actually be new news for you.

8tracks pegs itself as “internet radio created by people, not algorithms” – essentially a slightly better version of Every playlist is carefully compiled by someone undoubtedly cooler than you, and you typically find playlists by searching through genres.

It lets you pick two genres and then searches around for the playlists which best match up, (probably using an algorithm – just sayin’). The great thing is that the genres aren’t always as you’d expect. Currently I’m listening to a playlist with the genres “study” and “sleep” included. How a playlist can be for both “study” and “sleep” I don’t know, but it’s pretty good!

I like the idea of the “sleep” genre – I could just stick a microphone by my bed and bless the world with the lovely sounds of me snoring.


Weirdly, mid-way through this mix there was a massive scream of, “THEY ARE SO CUTE – I JUST WANT TO EAT THEM UP!”

Anyway, 8tracks is great for work because you can just set it off and you’re given a wide selection of non-repetitive music which you’ll probably like. Or you could choose the genre “work” and get yourself absolutely pumped.

Either way, it is a great website which all you readers should check out.

At your next dinner party, when someone compliments your “slow jazz” playlist humming in the background, I’m totally taking the credit.