The best Christmas drink

Amazon window

She’s smiling because she’s better than you.

You’ve got just over a week left until Christmas. That means things are starting to get serious. The amazon shopping window is closing soon and after that there is only panic.

Unless you’re one of those people who got everything sorted in November…

But you might have bigger concerns than present buying. Like what if it gets to boxing day and you realise you haven’t had any fun at all.

Well let me stop that from happening by introducing you to the best Christmas drink in existence.

It’s better than your weird eggnog. It’s much nicer than mulled wine and it leaves the Christmas Cosmopolitan looking like that kid in the playground who just had his pants pulled down.

Behold, the hot buttered rum:


Who owns these glass mugs? Where do you buy them from? I wish I had some.

This is one classy drink. Essentially you make the first part of a cake mix (equal amounts of sugar and butter mixed together), put a heaped teaspoon of the base in your drinking vessels and add some rum.

You then heat up apple juice with classic Christmas spices – don’t be too keen though – we don’t want a smelling salts sensation from spice overkill.

Combine the two things you’ve made in your drinking vessels and stir vigorously.

Then you drink it – which is something you shouldn’t need instructions for. Have a look at the full recipe to get more detail.

This drink has so many good points. It tastes like apple strudel in a cup, it’ll impress your friends, it’s easy to make loads of it, it warms you up and it makes you feel like it’s Christmas.

As well as that you can change the recipe up to suit your tastes – change the sugar for maple syrup, add some hot chili powder to the base for a kick or even serve with a cinnamon stick stirrer for extra fanciness.

Do whatever you like as long as you have some warm apple juice with flavour from butter, something sweet and a mix of spices.

Those are the rules so go make the best Christmas drink in existence.

The hot buttered rum has changed my world. It’ll change yours as well if only you’d let it…