The best ‘Dreamwave’ artist

Oliver tank

He’s just about to dreamwave… it’s his signature move.

Hello to everyone who entered our competition to win the prize of a game of Pumpazing, the best present for Christmas. We really appreciated your participation and the results will be announced later this week – you did a great job of humouring Jon and I.

So back we go to business as normal.

As some of our more astute blog readers may have noticed, my recent posts have been heavily picture based and fairly light on the text, in my attempt to make the pictures stand out and for the blog to be easy to digest. But then I thought, “that’s not in the spirit of the blog! It must be text heavy with minimal photos, after all, photos don’t show opinion…”

Apart from the below picture I suppose:

Angry baby

I can’t cope with the amount of opinion on display here

Therefore I thought and considered and thought and pondered and decided that the area I can always write some words on is music. There’s always something new and exciting to mention.

Recently I was perusing the blog Pilerats and I came across an artist I had never heard of called Oliver Tank. Firstly I thought, I hope his name is an aptronym and he actually is the size of a tank. Secondly, I listened to his music and I was pleasantly surprised.

He likes to define his genre as Dreamwave or ‘Slow motion music’ which both sound pretty pretentious but the songs he makes are brilliant. He’s got a softness and delicateness about his music that makes it seriously easy to listen to, but enough electronic beeps, bleeps and beats to make his songs interesting and not falling into the Buble realm of easy listening.

The song which stood out to me (and 257,352 other people on Soundcloud) is Different speed (feat. Ta-ku). It starts with the easy hook of “Slow down world you move too fast for me…” until the song truly begins with a heavy bass drum surrounded by clicks and clacks to make the rhythm.

I would love to stand watching the sunset or sunrise to this song on a beach in the Caribbean – I feel I would fully appreciate it then.

Caribbean sunset

Like cheese is better with wine, this view is better with dreamwave

Ollie also likes to do remixes. He’s haunted up the Sound of Silence and added depth to Drop it like it’s hot, primarily by changing its title to Drop it like it’s beautiful, but let’s not hold that dodgy titling against him.

Essentially, I’ve spent the past two weeks listening to his songs over and over on Soundcloud until they have become part of my rhythms and infected my brains with choppy strings and a lovely depth of bass.

Now, some of our super astute readers may be thinking, “this is all well and good that you’re telling me about a new artist but what about your monthly The Naked and Famous post?!” and that would be a valid question. Unfortunately, my plan for a post about them was tragically cut short.

It was going to be the best gig of December and I was going to rave about it, I’d basically written the post about them before I had seen them. However, this ideal was snatched from me because of illness, because of the most basic of afflictions, being sick. It wasn’t me who was sick, I probably would have tried to go see them if it were, it was one of their number was sick and they had to cancel the gig because of it. I was sad.

Anyway, that didn’t pan out well for me but you should listen to Oliver Tank. Those things aren’t particularly related bar their common thread of music, but that’s all I need to connect them, the c(h)ords that bind them are strong.