The best way to deal with danger


This is how Steve reacts if you make fun of Canada.

We all have defence mechanisms. Sometimes I just shut up and take whatever is thrown at me and other times I go on the attack. But whatever I do it’s usually because I don’t want to look stupid.

In the animal world though, they don’t worry about looking stupid (as evidenced by this husky playing with leaves). Defence mechanisms are all about survival.

From the prickly prickles of a hedgehog to the smelly smells of a skunk, it seems the whole of nature is obsessed with not dying.

I could tell you about a range of interesting defence mechanism but you can also read them somewhere else.

I want to save all my precious blogging seconds to tell you about the bombardier beetle. I loved it from the moment I first heard its name.

Essentially this is an insect that wards off predators by firing very hot liquid at them. Chemicals in its body mix and create a sort of explosion. Whoever might be bothering the beetle gets covered in some near-boiling-point liquid. Amazing.

But someone stop me using all my words.

Just skip to 1 min 46 secs on this video and watch in wonder.


If I’m ever in real danger I could sure use a bit of those bombardier skills.


Actually I sort of was in danger last night. I was walking home at night and a crazy looking man was standing ahead of me on the path. I knew he was crazy because he was stood still looking at nothing, doing nothing – people don’t do that at night. I told myself not to judge him and decided to keep going as if he was a normal person

As I got nearer he turned and smiled at me but not a nice smile. It was like this:

sheldon smile

He then miaowed loudly at me. Like a human cat.

This was certainly enough to freak me out and when he started following me that was worse. I crossed the road, walked quickly and made my escape. After I turned a corner, I ran a bit to ensure he didn’t work out where my house was.

If I’d had a bombardier beetle with me though, I would have felt much safer. Even when a creepy man was miaowing at me.