The best cat portraits I’ve ever seen

The key question here is: What is going through your mind when you bring your cat for a family portrait?!

Luckily you’re not alone – there are plenty of other feline fanciers around the world bringing their extra family member along to show off their good side.

I hope these give you a good chuckle on double post Friday whilst you contemplate the easiest way to get Socks along to your next photo shoot, all dressed to the teeth in his finest.

Cat portraits 1

A nice Christmas theme to start us off

Cat portraits 2

Woah! Hybrid unicorn-cat! The rarest of them all

Cat portraits 3

Everyone knows the silver feline is in charge here

Cat portraits 4

“Many cats have I! You have one! I raise you six!”

Cat portraits 5

When I think of photographing my cat I think of lasers in the background

Cat portraits 6

Cat portraits have no barriers – hair rockers can get in on it too

Cat portraits 7

“I can spread my legs reeeeaaaal wide – check it out!”

Cat portraits 8

Somehow this is the most normal of the bunch…

Cat portraits 9


Cat portraits 10

Excuse me miss, I believe there’s a cat coming out of your head

Cat portraits 11

“I wink because I know you love me”

Cat portraits 12

Now, I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think this is a real leopard. Not sure though.