The best fat man in a tutu

Now I know what you’re thinking:

“How could you possibly pick a best one out of all the amazing fat men in tutus that there have ever been?”

Well let me tell you – it’s been done. And this guy won clearly. We didn’t need a photo finish; the judges were unanimous. Do you want another sporting metaphor? Yes? Well he won with a knockout punch – we didn’t need to count his points (is that how boxing works?).

This guy is the best because he’s more than just a man in a tutu. He’s got a purpose. But before we get to that – this is what he looks like:


He may be carrying a few extra pounds but he knows how to strike a pose…

The above photo is part of a series done by Bob Carey (pictured). They’re all pretty good and I’ll hit you with a link shortly. Before that though, you need to know why he takes such strange pictures.

You see he started this project because his wife got breast cancer. These photos were a way of cheering her up in the bad times. She took them with her to Chemo and it gave her and the medical staff a good laugh. Read the full story on buzzfeed because they tell it pretty well.

Bob Carey here faced some dark stuff in his life and responded with a brilliant set of tutu pictures. I love how they hold up well from an artistic point of view (as far as my brain can tell). They’re just great pictures.

And it’s for those reasons that he is the best fat man in a tutu.

You should totally buy the calendar because some of the money goes towards helping women with breast cancer.

I think I would buy it even if it didn’t though. The photos really are hilarious.