BIG Christmas Giveaway – A Competition

Big christmas giveaway

I definitely think my Paint skills are improving…

It’s competition time!

Here at Steve and Jon Best we like to congratulate our readers for liking us and encourage them to do it more.

We also like to celebrate Christmas! And because we are fast approaching that time of year we thought we’d have a Big Christmas Giveaway!

Some of you may remember, in the early days of the blog, that Jon reviewed the game Pumpazing which had this brilliant synopsis:

Players must pump ZINGY to pop off the ZINGERS, but beware: if ZINGY goes UH-OH… you lose a ZINGY Card.

Now we thought, “what better game to play on Christmas day with all the family than Pumpazing?!” and so we decided it would make the perfect prize for those who enter our competition.


At this point I feel it is necessary to emphasise that this is a real competition which you can enter and you genuinely could win Pumpazing – this is not a joke.

Also, you will get a Christmas card ‘personally’ sent by Jon and I to add to your collection. We all know ours will be the one at eye level you are genuinely proud of though.

By now it’s almost inevitable you are awaiting the rules of this illustrious competition with great fervour, so without further ado, here’s how to enter and potentially win your own copy of Pumpazing:


1) Share a link on your Facebook account to our blog (of course this is some sort of marketing trick – isn’t every competition?!) You should choose your favourite blog post and say something nice about it like

“Check out this wicked super awesome cool blog post from the most bodacious blog on the planet!”

2) Take a print screen of your Facebook post proving you actually did recommend our blog and email it to with your name and email address by Midnight on Saturday the 14th of December

3) Jon and I will then choose the winner at random and send a copy of Pumpazing and a very special Christmas card to them

For this competition we are only accepting entries from the UK because we don’t have the facilities to send something to Iceland (sorry Jonsi) or anywhere else which Amazon UK doesn’t deliver to.


This is just a competition organised by two men with little experience of organising competitions. We will be as fair as we can but we make absolutely no promise that something will not go wrong.

I hope you’re all clear on how to enter and we wish you the best of luck.

Happy sharing!