The best flightless bird

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one, it’s penguins. They’re waddling is second to none and they are always a highlight of zoos.

But rather than talk about their greatness, here are some pictures, because that’s really what we all want to see!

Penguin 1

“Look at meeeeeeeeeeee!” “Calm down Katherine…”

Penguin 2

“I was literally this far away from a human – they walked really oddly.”

Penguin 3

I often wish I could do this

penguin 4

Penguins in sweaters deserve as many mentions as they can get – they’re just amazing!

Under threat: King penguins off the coast of Macquarie Island.

As they swim they look like torpedoes with wings

penguin 6

I thought they were flightless – sneaky BBC

penguin 7

Something’s wrong here but I’m not quite sure what…

penguin 8

How many penguins do polar bears kill each year? Just think about it…