The best football teams to support at the world cup


The actual trophy isn’t made of hands – this is just a metaphor.

I’m enjoying winter today. Maybe it’s because it’s double-post Friday or maybe it’s because there’s no wind chill. Whatever it is, the fresh air tastes good. On my lunch break, I walked across a frozen puddle.

Puddles are way less annoying when they are made of ice. It’s like glass that you’re allowed to break. And you don’t get that in summer – stupid wonderful summer.

Speaking of summer, it was the football world cup draw today. All the teams that qualified have been sorted into groups. In fact, it happened roughly an hour ago.

Everyone needs to get involved with the world cup. Unless you’re not from this world.

For those of you born in neutral ocean waters, or those looking for another option to their birth country – here’s your guide to the best teams to support.

It’s based on personality type as well – because I like to shower you with relevant information-based gifts.

If you like to be disappointed…

Support Switzerland!

They’re ranked number 8 in the world, which means they secured a top seed this year. Don’t let that fool you though. They might squeeze their way out of the group stages but I don’t think they’ll get further than that. They don’t score loads of goals or do anything too exciting. They even drew 0 – 0 with Cyprus who finished bottom of the qualifying group – uninspiring!

Switzerland are your sure-fire disappointments this world cup. Of course that means they might prove me wrong in a blaze of goals and fury. That probably won’t happen though.

If you love an underdog…

If you really like an underdog then choose a team like Honduras or Algeria – they have almost no hope. But if you want someone to support for the whole competition, why not try Japan.

They play like mighty soccer magicians. Fast paced, attacking football that might just derail a few of the big boys this summer.

If you want a second team after England…

I think you should pick Belgium. They’re pretty good at football and you might recognise two thirds of their team from the premier league. They’ve also got a guy nicknamed the Verminator playing for them..


If you like anagrams…

Why not support Cameroon or, as I call them, Moonrace. If that doesn’t tickle you, try supporting Meg Ryan (a little puzzle for you).

Anagrams are probably as good a reason to support a team as any.

If you like nice clothes…

Last world cup, the USA had a sort of sash built into their strip. What will they come up with this time? I’m hoping for a Tiara or something…


So that’s your guide to supporting a football team based on the stuff you like. I’ll be supporting England because it’s my home country and I think they’re slowly getting better at this football business.

Some people have gone off International football recently, but I’m hoping this world cup will be one to remember… So pick your team wisely!

That’s all folks – next week we’ll be back with more best things.

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