The best answer to housing prices

Currently it’s a bit tricky to buy a house. They don’t come cheap.

The area I’m currently living in the house prices are astronomical. A quick search for a 4 bedroom detached house (I’m thinking big here) in the St Albans area would cost in the region of £600,000. There are certainly cheaper prices than that (the very cheapest is £375,000) but it’s not looking great if I wanted to get one soon.

St albans house

Plenty of exterior parking and a lovely bench to the right of the house to watch the world go by…

In fact the average house price for a flat in this area goes for £225,718 which is pretty insane! It’s clear something must be done to combat these fearsome prices; to battle down the housing market; to get prices in the region of £20,000 – that would be nice.

The first answer which came to my mind would be to go up North, where the grass is greener, the beaches are nicer, people are friendlier, and space is not at a premium. A quick search puts the cheapest four bed detached house in Sunderland at £89,950.

Sunderland house

A delightful ‘boxy’ property complete with garden chairs to ‘survey all you own’

But this would be troublesome because of its distance from the London drain, swirling around to make sure you fall into its clutches, and you’d be living in Sunderland. Also, you probably have friends, a life and a job, those would be a bit tricky to leave behind.

The second, and best answer, is to build your house yourself, out of a kit.

I’m not thinking Grand Designs here but I saw the below project on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – it is called the QB2 and it’s pretty incredible:

QB2 exterior

Nice and compact – why wouldn’t you love it?!

It may not look impressive but it certainly makes good use of space and is massively cheap – the kit to build the house yourself would cost around £12,000 – that’s definitely more in my region!

I won’t hide the fact that there are a number of problems with this house, for instance you need to own the land which you intend to put it on, and it wouldn’t work if you’re not a fan of living in a shoebox, but it’s definitely a novel solution.

Personally I really like it and would love to try it out to gauge the living experience. It could be stuffy and cramped and painful and frustrating and unappealing and claustrophobic and potentially would drive me crazy, but it’s an experiment. A punt at cheap living.

Who knows, in 30 years this may be worth £100,00. It may sound unlikely but go back 30 years and tell your parents the house they are about to buy for £30,000 will be worth £200,000 in 30 years. Would they believe that?

N.B. I’m currently not looking to buy a house if you are an estate agent or my parents reading this, but I found this concept mega interesting. Find out more about it here. If you do end up buying one then let me know how it goes, I’d love to come round for tea sometime and make use of that sliding table.