The best human-animal hug

I’ve been watching the odd bit of I’m a celebrity get me out of here this year and actually it’s been quite good. I’m surprised by that because I’ve ignored it for years without ever hearing any valid reasons why I should watch it.

After my wife got me into this year’s show though, I’ve found plenty of those reasons. Chief among them is that I’ve actually heard of some of the people involved. There’s a snooker player I know, there’s a weird version of Carlton Banks, a serial Olympic medalist, someone from a talk show I’ve heard of and then there’s Joey Essex.

I was delighted to find out that Joey Essex is actually his real name. For any non-British types, this is a guy who lives in Essex and appears in a reality show called The only way is Essex.

Joey can’t blow his nose ‘in the professional way‘ and he can’t tell the time – but he is ‘sick at counting‘. He counts all the time, apparently. He’s relentlessly enthusiastic and he likes to make up songs. I don’t know much else about him but I do know that he’s fun to watch.

I didn’t see it the other day when he learnt that stick insects look like sticks. But I need to give you the whole quote because it’s amazing – like something direct from Flight of the Conchords:

It’s a ringer – if you compared it to some sticks, you’d never tell the difference. It is a stick with legs that moves – and now I’ve seen two of them it’s like stick insect city here.

But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

Because the best thing I’ve seen on TV in ages was a moment featuring Big Mo from Eastenders (a British show with lots of shouting in it). She was competing for some precious meals for the camp and one of the challenges was to let a crocodile lie on top of her for a minute.

It looked like this:


This looks like a low-budget sci-fi movie to me… get it made, hollywood!

Things got pretty intense between those two. Mo liked the crocodile because it was cool to the touch; the crocodile like Mo because, well crocodiles don’t get a lot of love really. They’re sort of desperate.

I like to think that this pair are now inseparable and they perform this weird cuddle as a party trick when friends come round their house…

And that’s the image I want to leave you with.

Happy Thursday everybody…