The 10 best places on my holiday wishlist


Occasionally I get a sense of cabin fever and I want to travel the world; to get out and see new things; to discover the feats of nature we’ve all been blessed with and marvel at creation.

Google maps is my guide and I often peruse the locations of countries. As I do so, my mind begins to imagine what those countries are like, who lives there and what can I see. The possibilities greatly excite me.

However, most of my time perusing countries is actually spent going: “Oh! Since when have you been there Moldova – I thought you were down by Spain somewhere? And you’re surprisingly north Norway, pretty much all of you is really high”, and the one thing that always gets me: “looks like someone ate all the pies, Russia – you’re absolutely massive!”

Essentially when I look at maps it’s an embarrassing enlightenment into how little I know about geography.

Anyway, it gets me thinking about the places I really want to go on holiday if I had a limitless budget. So here are 10 places/trips I want to see/do before I grow old and get kids and we have to go to Disney Land:

1) Istanbul – where East meets West apparently…


2) The fjords of Norway – I would have to go north enough to see the Northern Lights though, they would be wicked

Norway fjords

Wow. Just wow.

3) West coast drive down America – start at Seattle, keep it to the coast, visit some national parks, drive down the 101, wave at the Golden Gate Bridge, check out the Grand Canyon, see a show in Vegas, hang with celebs in LA, then head home


It’s not that big really…

4) Do South America – that’s right, I’m gonna be vague about it. I don’t really know what to do there – probably just eat lots of steak



5) St Petersburg – Mother Russia strikes me as a peculiar place but they do have some wicked buildings

St petersburg

I wonder what came first – this building or Christmas tree baubles

6) New Zealand – I would talk in stereotypes and constantly laugh at their accents but it would be bliss. I might even meet Bret and Jemaine or a Hobbit. I would tell them that Zealand is way better

New zealand

Hobbiton still exists – I’m not a crazy LOTR fan but I still get excited about this

7) Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and all those other “I’m taking a gap year to discover myself but actually I’m just having an absolutely wicked time” countries – I feel this is self-explanatory and comes with a mandatory sky-dive

Ayers Rock Under a Blue Sky

“I’m going to go see Ayers Rock.” “So what?! It’s just a massive rock!” “Yeah but it’s a massive rock with nothing around it…” “Oh…”

8) Israel, especially Jerusalem – significant for three of the major world religions and you can walk where Jesus walked – that’s pretty cool


I would gorge shamelessly on falafel – it’s definitely a must

9) Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam – 3 famous and popular cities in Europe I am yet to visit and feel like a travelling baby because I haven’t seen them


I would want to see everything Gaudi got his dirty little mitts on

10) Mauritius – I have been told the best beaches in the world are in Mauritius and I don’t doubt it. I’ve never been on a beach holiday, but when I do, I’d love it to be here

mauritius beach

It’s like this entire photo was born on Photoshop: “this doesn’t look picturesque enough, I’ll throw in a palm tree and some clear water” “Don’t forget about the white sand!”

By no means is this an extensive list of places I want to go and if you say somewhere nice then follow it by, “would you like to go there?” I’ll probably say yes.

But the key thing to remember is to go with the right people. Great friends make a holiday that much better and they mean you can have an amazing time despite the weather looking like this:


If you examine this very closely you can see the look of despair on my friend Eliot’s face

And if you’re lucky, you might even get this view in the morning:


Where are your best places to visit? If they match up exactly with mine then we might as well take a year out and travel the world – just let me know…