The best Christmas advert


The bear and the pear, The bear and the chair, The Hare on the Stairs – just some of John Lewis’ rejected advert ideas.

Suddenly it’s advent and we’re all having chocolate for breakfast and counting down the days to the most celebrated birthday, probably ever.

Me (Jon) and him (Steve) will probably talk about Christmas quite a lot over the next month. But that’s much better than blogs about the lack of daylight, the grey skies or the fact that I don’t have winter-proof shoes.

Christmas is the real joy of December for many of us – firmly in first place because Violin Day simply doesn’t have the marketing power.

So let me kick off these Christmas-themed posts – which will be scattered (rather than smothered) across this blog. Let me tell you stories. Stories about the best Christmas advert.

You might think it would be John Lewis’ animation starring the title characters The bear and the hare. But it’s not that actually.

Sure it was enjoyable – it just wasn’t the best. When you’ve seen the video of the bear that plays the trumpet and sits on a chair, you just have higher expectations of animal-related media.

The best Christmas advert and the only one I ever need –  is the straight forward Coca cola one. You know the one – with the trucks and that song. Not the one with the preachy Santa Claus.

It’s been going for decades now so it’s perfect for taking you back in time – to feel some child-like excitement. That’s all I ever need from a Christmas advert. Holidays are coming, folks.

And if you wanted to know the very worst Christmas advert. Look no further than this offering from Kmart in the US. It’s groin-thrustingly good.

If you have different opinions, which we are starting to accept may just be possible, let us know in the comments…