The best art prize


I’ll put one of these on top of everyone’s computer towers at work – if they’re vigilant enough they receive chocolate but if they’re too slow it will melt…

It was exciting yesterday having a guest post from the lovely Hazel Normandale, I certainly liked the idea of putting ‘Easter Eggs’ within my work to see if anyone notices, it sounds like fun. The easiest option would be to write messages in white on all internal communication, but be careful if the communication is due to be printed out, white messages turn up when printed in black and white.

Now, moving on from ways to amuse yourself at work, we get somewhere highly cultured to the world of art.

I’m sure many of you will have heard of the often ridiculous Turner Prize but have you heard of the slightly less ridiculous Turnip Prize?

The Turnip Prize is a satirised version of the Turner Prize and celebrates rubbish art. Literally. Probably more than half the entries are made from rubbish. They look for pieces with fantastic puns in their name, that look terrible and, vitally, where little effort has been put into the creation.

The winner receives the coveted turnip bashed into a piece of wood, which looks a little like this:  Turnip prize 2

Here are some entries from the past:

Turnip prize 1

Chilli n’ minors

Turnip prize 3

Arab spring

This feels like the kind of art competition I could enter, probably not win but I’d do really well at not putting in much effort, that’s one of my talents.

A similar competition has appeared with the same name at the Edinburgh College of Art which premise relies on ‘designing or carving something from the humble vegetable’. I think I would be worse at that but I do love the idea – particularly because it is out of the ‘humble vegetable’ – I feel there is no better adjective to describe a vegetable than humble…

Anyway, here’s Couch Potato:

Turnip prize 4

I hope you feel cultured and inspired, I know I sure do.