The 3 best ways to entertain yourself at work

ImageHere’s something from guest blogger and experiencer of best things, Hazel Normandale and we think it’s great. As always though, you’re the ultimate judge of that… 


Sometimes, the best jokes are the ones you have with yourself. I’m not sure everyone will agree with me – those people are the people who look at my strangely when I giggle to myself on the bus or when they overhear me talking to myself in a not-as-empty-as-I-thought room. For those of you not as experienced as I am at self-humour, let me get you started with a few ways to amuse yourself at work – the place where, let’s face it, most of us will need some entertainment once in a while.

If you don’t work in an office like I do, you may need to find some creative ways to adapt these suggestions. Or tell me where you work and I’ll try and come up with some ideas for you – what can I say, I relish a challenge.

  1. Hide “Easter Eggs” for your co-workers to find. Not real Easter eggs (though that might make you popular), but something that only those with a keen eye will find. For a while it made me sad that I was the only person at work who didn’t have a job title under their name on their company email signature. I therefore decided to put my job title as “Lord of Time” on all internal emails and see how long it took for someone to mention it. A week and a half (well spotted, I.T. Dave). To further the fun, I stole some business cards from work and, with the help of my trusty Tippex mouse, amended them in the same way to give out to friends. If nothing else, saying “Here’s my card” always gives me a false sense of importance.Image
  2. Pick a word or phrase that one of your colleagues says a lot, and keep a tally of how often they say it. I decided to see how many times the girl next to me said “okey doke” over a three day period. Perhaps it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I can’t tell you the thrill I got when she was on the phone to a customer who wouldn’t stop talking, and said it 8 TIMES IN A ROW. Be warned though, if at the end of the allotted time you decide to tell your colleague their grand total they may hate you. 
  3. Someone at work recently confided in me her secret way of brightening up the weekly meetings. At the beginning of each meeting, people are asked to suggest a “Thought for the Day.” Deciding that these were getting a bit boring and repetitive, she printed of a list of Karl Pilkington (of “An Idiot Abroad” fame) quotes, and now gives a different one as a Thought each week. As well as enjoying the looks of confusion on people’s faces when she declares, “People in glass houses have to answer the door”, there’s also the brilliant moment where someone thinks you’ve actually said something incredibly profound.

I hope this is enough for you to get started with. Perhaps I’ve inspired you to inject some comedy into your work life, even if you’re the only one who gets the joke…

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