The best surprised animal

Cute toys

There has been a recent surge of animal toys with massive eyes, I guess to try and make them look cuter or something but they look a little freaky to be honest. Their eyes are the size of pan lids in some cases!

But what if there was an animal which had the same look in real life, what if there was an animal that had the same combination of cuteness and freaky, what if that animal had an adjective in its name? Meet the Slow Loris:

Slow loris 1

There’s not too much to say about the Slow Loris apart from it being a great animal and it always looks surprised. Here’s a picture of it looking more surprised:

Slow loris 2

And here’s one of it eating some rice, because that’s what Google suggested to me, pictures of Slow Loris’ eating rice:

Slow loris 3

You may be wondering why I’m just providing you with pictures of the Slow Loris rather than giving you any kind of insightful commentary usual to this blog. My reasoning is twofold a) the Slow Loris is incredible and pictures of it are always desirable b) it’s late, I had no better ideas and MOTD 2 is on – I guess that’s more fourfold…

Anyway, here’s a baby Slow Loris. Have a great Monday!

Two Baby Loris Are Given A Health Check By Veterinary Staff At London Zoo