The best useless invention

Inflatable lobster

We’ve all received useless presents in our lives, whether it be an extra pair of socks we really didn’t need or the giant inflatable lobster which we will probably never use (I’m still hoping to use mine), useless items pervade our lives.

Often they bring joy for a moment and then clutter up an already messy room. But I wouldn’t want them any other way.

I really do love each stage you go through, from “what on earth?! What’s the point of this?!”, to “Oh right, I can see what it does now”, followed by “I really don’t need this though” and finally “but thanks anyway – it was fun to open.”

Which brings me onto the best useless item which I’ve seen, the USB Pet Rock:

USB rock

Maybe I like it so much because it doesn’t hide behind the guise of some deep seated usefulness like oh so many multitool pens do; it’s just blatantly pointless. Everyone knows it. I think this makes it endearing.

Perhaps it’s also the mix of new and old, technology and nature, pointful and pointless – whatever it is I seriously think it’s hilarious.

There are a whole host of other useless inventions at my fingertips following a quick internet search. Take for example the Privacy Scarf which looks pretty freaky: Privacy scarf

Or even the calorie saving Diet Water:

Diet water

If you do want that little bit extra use out of your items and your covering of hair has seen better days, try out the Hair Hat (N.B. this only works if you’re going to play golf with strangers or you’re slightly crazy):

Hair hat

Finally, if you haven’t already seen it, check out this video for an extremely useless machine which I really want:

I’m not sure why, but each time I watch this I find it hilarious…