The best woolly animal


The woolly mammoth is good… but it’s not the best

Today’s post is short and simple, like a punch in the throat.

I could debate with you about what makes an animal woolly rather than just furry. Or I could waste a paragraph on sheep and sheep related facts. But I don’t want to do that.

I want to skip to the good bit, just like Rizzle Kicks – or maybe not exactly like that…

And that good bit is the nothing short of majestic, woolly flying squirrel:

woolly flying squirrel

This crazy animal is the biggest flying squirrel around – growing up to 60cm long (excluding his tail). He’s got very thick fur, hence the name, and you won’t ever see one.

They’re not extinct; I’m just making the assumption that you don’t live in a high-elevation conifer forest in Northern Pakistan. Would that be a fair assumption?

Sheep are sort of cute but ultimately a disappointment. Some chaps in Japan have made certain promises about woolly mammoths but until I see a living one, this flying squirrel wins the woolly prize for me easily.

I wish flying humans existed. They’d sort of look like when people get super fat then shrink back down – they’d have flaps of skin everywhere. In fact, maybe that’s the best way to cope with flaps of skin?

Flying humans would jump out of planes without parachutes and they would probably have to wear RAF uniforms or something.

I like flying ants as well. Basically anything that has a flying version of itself.

And that’s all, folks. Flying stuff is the best, right?

Well actually, that’s not quite all. I want to end by show you a picture of Woolly’s handsome relation – the red and white flying squirrel.

red and white flying squirrel

Men want to be him; ladies want to be with him… and he can fly!

I guess, for the sake of all the pedants in the world, I should also tell you that these flying squirrels actually glide more than fly. They’re from the Buzz Lightyear school of aviation.

Can you wait for double post Friday tomorrow? I can and will. But also it will be good.