The best Northern Irish brand

 Tayto logo

Yesterday I was introduced to the brand Tayto.

The conversation with my co-worker began very innocently, “how are you today? Good thanks, you?”, the kind of chat necessary to not appear like an office recluse, and then she threw in a curveball: “do you like chocolate and crisps?”.

I was taken aback. I like chocolate and I like crisps separately. I had to clarify using a statement with an upward inflection, swiftly turning it into a question, “yes, I like them both separately?”

“What about together?”


And this is when she introduced me to Tayto, a brand of crisps described as the Irish equivalent of Walkers (or Lays if you’re our American reader), which, for some ridiculous reason, decided to put cheese and onion crisps in some chocolate!

Tayto Milk Chocolate Bar with Cheese and Onion Crisps

My confused and surprised face said enough to her and she responded:

“Those Irish, they’ll put potatoes in anything!” too right they will!

Now, I haven’t had a chance to try the chocolate bar as yet but don’t worry, I will, and I’ll let you know the result of this bizarre merging of snack foods. It reminds me of some of Heston Blumenthal’s ridiculous food concoctions which sound intriguing and disgusting in equal measure. For instance, the tomato and paprika slush puppy, or the bacon and egg ice cream, and who could forget the snail porridge.


If you do want the tasting menu at the Fat Duck (Heston’s restaurant) it’ll cost you £195 per person. Who wouldn’t want to pay that much to eat seriously odd concoctions?

Anyway, back to Tayto.

Mr tayto man inside jacket

They’ve got a fantastic mascot called Mr Tayto who goes hand in hand with the slogan, “The Man Inside the Jacket”. It’s really a great pun because he’s a potato and we eat jacket potatoes and he’s wearing a jacket, very clever. To show off how great this mascot is, here’s a picture of him climbing:

Mr tayto 1

Looking cool posing by some cars:

Mr tayto 2

And sliding down a slide:

Mr tayto 3

Finally, if I haven’t already convinced you that this is the best Northern Irish brand then know that they make their crisps in a castle. Not a factory. A Castle.

Tayto castle