The best safari experience I’ve ever had


This past weekend I had a couple of friends from University come to stay and whilst they were here we went to a safari park. This was the first time in my life I had been to a safari park and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

It’s amazing how close you can get to the animals and the interaction you can have with them; I had a bear look me straight in the face, a monkey lick my windscreen and a lemur use my shoulder as a landing pad, it was brilliant.

photo (8)

This monkey promptly went on to rip the antenna off the car behind us and start chewing it

I was initially apprehensive about going to a safari park in Britain, I had visions of a grey and dismal day with all the animals hiding at the back of the enclosures so you couldn’t see them, but that definitely wasn’t the case, I don’t think there was a single animal we didn’t see up close. It was a grey and dismal day though.

Throughout the day, the most terrifying moment was driving next to the rhinos – they’re flipping huge! Even though we had to go through an airlock into a “Jurassic Park” type area to see the bears, lions, tigers and wolves, they definitely looked harmless. Had the rhinos charged they would have destroyed my car with their giant horns whereas the bears seemed fairly placid and probably wouldn’t cause much damage.

In addition to seeing the brilliant animals, they also had a great sign, really hammering home the message of sticking your hand out the window, they even decided to draw some blood dripping down:

photo (9)

And we also saw the best hat ever, the shark hat, worn by both mother and child – amazing matching outfits. Now I really, really want a hat like they had. You can knit ones like this – they look incredible:

shark hat

To be fair though, this is probably the best family matching outfits I’ve ever seen: