The best way to feel the future right now

Photo credit: Me – I just took that. Post your appreciation in the comments…

The worst thing about the future is that you never catch up with it. There’s always more left to happen and one day it will carry on without you.

That’s just a taster of how negative things would be if this was called Steve and Jon’s worst things.

Instead of complaining I want to encourage you to feel the future right now. Because to those guys from the 80s, we’re living in the future. And the view is fine. (Fine as in good – I have to clarify because I almost never say fine to mean that sort of thing.)

I’ll lead by example in this endeavour by telling you my favourite way to feel the future right now:

I shout things at my phone

And I’m always impressed when it hears what I say and acts accordingly. I have a robot slave and it’s amazing! (If any future robots find this, after the uprising, I’m sorry for keeping one of your ancestors a slave – I just didn’t know any better…)

The main use for this is that I can send weird texts to people by pressing a button and speaking very clearly. The problem is thinking time is important in a text. So are things like emoticons. So when I shout my texts, they often appear distant and unfriendly with the odd rogue word in there from a mispronunciation

But still, it’s cool. Siri, who I don’t have on my phone, is just like that computer in Star Trek. It’s a bit amazing.

But the coolest thing happened the other day when I went for a run.

I was running in a new area that I didn’t know well. After a few miles I realised that my instinctive decision making had got me quite lost. Instead of panicking, I looked at my phone – I was using it to track my run. I went on maps and found the speak destination button. And,while running, I shouted my home address at it.

15 minutes later I was home safe, feeling deeply thankful to a computer I carry around with me. The problem is that since tracking my runs I realise that a mile is much longer than I thought it was. Running is painfully slow and also a bit painful.

I really like showing people the map I get of where I have run though – a wiggly red line drawn over familiar streets and fields. And it’s all thanks to my robot chum from the future.

We all have this type of phone now, pretty much. So welcome to the future folks – breathe it in and live it.

Happy double post Friday.

You’ll be reading this from my future so let me know how the view is…