The best way to appear more learned: at home

Intelligent dog

This dog hits the intelligent nail on the head – I wish to hear its wisdom

Often, in life, we simply want to appear that we know stuff, that we are intelligent and not ignorant. We are happy to give off the aura of knowledge without actually knowing much and that is what this post is all about.

Consider this the ugly twin sister of Jon’s ‘How to be more intelligent but not look like it’ post. These are the kind of things we all want to know about because we just want to keep up appearances, not put in the effort to increase our brain capacity.

And so I have a very simple yet effective way of looking more learned around your home, an oldie but a goodie, you won’t even have to open your mouth.

Get some books.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read them or don’t intend to, just get some books. The key to this, however, is to be selective with your books, not putting anything up without due thought – for example, showing off your limited edition signed copies of Harry Potter certainly won’t help your application to Mensa, but throw in a Kafka book and you’ll be a shoe in.

Take for example, my carefully constructed stack of books on display in my room, each book chosen to highlight a different aspect of my character and to speak volumes to anyone visiting my house.

photo (7)

At the top we have a non-fiction book written by a popular author. People may have heard of it and can ask for my opinion on whether or not to read it – note it is also a hardback.

Below we have a recipe book, showing I have a creative and different side to the normal ‘bookish’ view people may have of me, it adds depth.

Third, I have another non-fiction book written by a doctor, this says to people “one day, I am also likely to be a doctor”, maybe not consciously but definitely sub-consciously.

Next is a bit of light reading, Bill Bryson. I look like I know about the world and travelling despite it being about Britain.

Following up we have The Godfather – this is so I can say, “have you read the book? Oh, you’ve just seen the film?! Well, I’ve got to say the book is much better than the film” even though it totally wasn’t.

Lastly, of the books we can see, comes the Grandaddy of all tomes, the book to end all books, really the only book you will ever need to read for people to think you know stuff…War and Peace. I’ve not finished it. I’m about 1/1000th of the way through. That took me 5 months to achieve.

So there you have it, get some books, preferably big, thick, unruly books. And if you’re worried about displaying those embarrassing books (e.g. The Da Vinci Code) then try out the handy trick below – it works a treat…