Thingfest Thursday – the best of this week’s news


Blurry close-ups of today’s Thingfest contenders. Can you guess what they are? – I would be impressed if you could.

You all know about double-post Friday. It’s simple: you get two posts on one day resulting in a giant balloon of fun and greatness.

But you haven’t been hit with Thingfest Thursday yet.

Because today is the first ever Thingfest Thursday. You are literally just about to experience it.

It’s going to work like this:

I’ll lay out 3 best things that have come to my attention this week. Then all you have to do is choose the winner by voting at the bottom. It’s anonymous voting and it’s super easy to do. We want to know what you think of these potential best things!

The winner of Thingfest Thursday will be the best thing of the week. Which is big news…

Thingfest entry number 1 – Dimbleby gets a tattoo


I really think everyone in the world should know that David Dimbleby  got a tattoo.(If you don’t know this man, think of him like a British Schwarznegger)

The news broke on Tuesday and it’s just a great story. Essentially Double D was filming a show and the subject of tattooing came up. He thought that it would be wimpy if he didn’t then go get a real tattoo as part of the show! So at the age of 75 he has a fresh scorpion on his shoulder – it matches his star sign.

To make this even better here’s what he says about the event:

It took about 30 minutes – an hour in all – and I thought of Winston Churchill having his done while mine was being done. It wasn’t painful at all, it just zings a bit.

So this man feels no pain as long as he thinks about Churchill. That’s a great thing but is it the week’s best thing?

Read the original BBC article which tells you what his wife thought of all this.

Thingfest entry Number 2 – Boris Island


Sometimes best things can be simple. On this blog we like to be positive about stuff. So when we see a shiny new airport design that looks incredible, we like it. And when we find out that it will be built on top of water we go crazy for it. Not literally crazy though.

Plenty of people have been negative about this but we’re not part of that movement. Britain needs a floating airport because it’s amazing. It looks cool and it’s nice not to over think things.

Boris Island, as people are now calling it, would have three times as many runways as Heathrow (that sounds better than saying 6 runways…). It would be set up on the Thames Estuary and would take maybe 7 years to build.

It sounds amazing to me, but do you like it?

Thingfest entry number 3 – A good question

ImageIf you ask google what a chair would look like ‘if our knees bent the other way’ you would get an image like this and lots of potential answers.

That question and the wealth of discussions, blogs and images centred around it, is another candidate for the best thing of the week prize… I admit that it’s not news but it’s so good that it had to be included.

It’s just a mind blowing idea and it’s great to think of your thighs turning into something that resembles bum cheeks.

It’s great that so many people love to think about such a ridiculous question. Maybe they just want to walk like a flamingo. There are bags of thinking fun hidden in this one question but is it your best thing of the week?

Vote now, people! And have your say in the comments if you want to sway the majority. You can view the results after you’ve voted.