The best of our first 100 posts! (celebrated with dinosaurs)

Well it’s been about four months of blogging and we’ve now hit that landmark – the 100th post. Truth be told, it happened last double-post Friday and we sort of forgot…

But we do want to celebrate that landmark and thank all the people that read our blog for, well, reading our blog.

Fortunately for all Steve and Jon’s best things fans, our centenary post coincided with Steve teaching me how to play around with Microsoft Powerpoint shapes. You make an auto shape, go on format, convert to freeform and then play around with the points.

It’s a whole bunch of fun and I ended up making dinosaurs sort of by accident:


The diplodocus (middle) was born out of a failed attempt to draw a badger…

You might now be wondering how this celebrates our 100th post in anyway at all – and that would be fair. But you should realise that I didn’t stop after drawing some prehistoric things.

I went on to make infographics to show you some of the stats behind our first 100 best things. And of course, they are dinosaur themed.

So without further introduction:



If you want to click on those links now, here’s the definition of twerking, the random username generator, the cat guide and the self heating can of beans!

Stegasearch terms


Just in the last hour, someone found our blog by searching Yahoo for ‘best cupboard‘. I love that people listen to our opinions on things like that – especially since that cupboard post was actually just an advert for our write for us page. Poor searcher who just wants a nice cupboard!

Tyregionsaurus Rex


That pun was a bit of a stretch but this is my favourite infographic. I like that we get readers from all over the place. I bet in some countries, like Iceland, we’ve just got one fan who reads fairly consistently. But I like that – consistent readers are the best sort!

Well we hope you enjoyed your education from the dinosaurs and we hope even more that you enjoyed our first 100 posts! Rest assured, we’re not stopping any time soon.

If you wanted to recommend us to all your friends, lovers and enemies, we would not be sad about that. Just saying…