The best Star Wars blooper


R2 D2 is definitely feeling a bit awkward here – third wheel!

As some of you may be aware, there are currently some open auditions for the new Star Wars film going on. They’re for two of the lead parts and thousands of people have shown up on the first day of auditions in Bristol.

Plenty of capable and incapable people will show up to this ‘audition’ which, from what I can gather, is a pretty informal chat about things such as your favourite film. From this they will be able to tell if you are a) crazy, b) unable to speak or c) ugly – presumably you won’t be called back if you fill any of these measures.

It’s exciting as the next Luke Skywalker could be Joe from the pub and the next Princess Leia could be Charlotte from the office. They could be absolutely anyone! Even you (probably not)!

These auditions have created so much positivity for this country and provided significant fodder for our slow news weeks, dominating the BBC news website. Many hopefuls will be sitting, waiting, wishing that they will be able to fade into anonymity just like Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

However, I’m not too interested in that role. I’d be happy to be an extra. In fact, I would be seriously happy to be this Storm Trooper in one of the original Star Wars films:

I just love this. Storm Troopers, the harbingers of death, minions of Darth Vader, faceless, nameless, dangerous people can still hit their heads on doors. It’s brilliant!

I hope something as amazing as this happens in the 7th incarnation of Star Wars, it would make up for the previous few films, they owe the hardcore fans that much…

Good luck if you’re auditioning! Hope it goes well!