The best handshake malfunctions

I love the handshake. And the high-five (or ‘hand-pat’). And the fist bump.

They’re all brilliant social conventions which give us a great way to greet someone new, to seem polite or to show gratitude. They’re very handy and can be used to great effect.

The only problem is that sometimes they’re super awkward, sometimes they just don’t work, sometimes it would have been better if they had never been attempted. This is the world of awkward handshakes, high-fives and fist bumps.

The best thing about this ‘world’ is that almost everyone has experienced it; none can escape its clutches.

Here are the most common handshake, high five and fist bump calamities:

1) The ‘Misinterpretation’

For this one it is important to stick to your guns. Remember, you were correct, the other person obviously didn’t read the signals properly.

2) The ‘Left hanging’

He had the right idea first of all, just clap it out. Don’t come back round for more though…

3) The ‘Multigrab’

There’s no escaping this. Just move on like nothing happened.

4) The ‘Miss and Hit’

Pretend like they deserved it – they were in your hand’s flight path after all.

5) The ‘Utter Embarassment’

“I was swatting a fly, what were you doing?!”

Try to avoid these with all caution, you have been warned!

Have a good double post Friday!