The best craze that you might have missed


Oh salad… you know all the best jokes

This picture is familiar and disturbing in almost equal measure. On the one hand, you’ve seen similar scenes before, maybe hundreds of times. On the other hand, this woman is clearly insane. No one likes salad that much. It’s unnatural and if I was prime minister it would be unlawful as well.

But she’s part of a deeper trend – because this type of photo is everywhere. It’s gone viral but no one knows it.

It’s there in, also in and here’s a great example from Just google ‘happy salad’ for more smiles than you can handle.

That search will entertain you for up to ten seconds, so if you’re at work you might get paid several pence for your time.

I’d love to be around to hear the photographer at one of these photo shoots.

Show me your salad smile. Yes that’s right the salad is your friend. The salad is your lover.

Laugh at the salad. The salad is telling a joke. Laugh loudly, hahaha, laugh at the lettuce!

That’s probably not how it goes, but it is fun to imagine.

And at some point someone will have had to tell the model to pretend that the salad is making her feel fulfilled and happy. That’s a weird thing to explain.

This craze is so prominent that there is a Tumblr about it. It’s called Women laughing alone with salad and it’s worth a click through. In fact, that is one of the greatest names for a website ever.

Though I would say there are far too many people replicating stock photos – pretending they are models looking happy with salad. (This is getting really difficult to write about simply)

Essentially there are too many photos like this:


This is a real person, not a stock image.

And not enough photos like this:


Ok, she’s not alone here but it’s still hilarious.

These stock photos fill up newspaper articles and healthy eating websites across the globe but they’re quite expensive. At work we’re paying £130 for three photos that don’t even have people in them…

Here’s a salad stock image in it’s natural habitat.

It just makes me happy that there are so many photos of women over-enjoying salad in the world. And it’s even better that people pay good money for them. This truly is the perfect craze for 08:30 on a Thursday morning…

Hey Steve, why do we post so early?


For extra reading you should go back to the google image search of ‘happy salad’ and enjoy the results.

It’s sort of therapeutic.