The best ‘fallen down tree’ realisation

storm in the UK

Recently, as some of you may have heard, there was a storm in Britain.

There was a big furore.

It was set to batter Britain and to be the biggest storm since 1987. The TV, Radio and Online news was dominated by predictions and warnings for approximately 2 days – it was difficult to escape their ominous clutches.

I sat with bated breath on my train last Sunday praying I would get home that night, that I would be safe. I frequently checked the news to see its status, “Are the trains still running? Where is the storm headed? Am I going to be whipped up in a hurricane? Will London survive this?”

Needless to say, I was underwhelmed.

I didn’t really notice anything apart from my trainline was down the next week – which was quite annoying, but that was about it.

Obviously, I do not want to belittle the consequences of it as there were some fatalities and numerous people were unable to move on trains – particularly in and out of London – it certainly did have an effect. But, proportionally, the level of ‘freaking out’, to the level of severity of the storm was fairly extreme. It seemed every meteorologist had ‘Michael Fish’ ringing in their ears and they were determined not to succumb to the same fate.

Anyway, I moved on with my life and was relatively unaware that trees had fallen down in lots of different places until yesterday evening. I was returning from some fieldwork and I came across a massive tree which had fallen down. Right in Cobham town centre!

photo (5)

This was pretty shocking and kind of cool. However, the thing which stood out most to me was the fact I had missed it earlier in the day! I mean, it’s no small thing and it was almost directly where I wanted to walk. How did I miss it in broad daylight?!

After a moment of reflection, I came to the thundering realisation that I’m not particularly observant, that I easily miss things, and that, if there were an elephant in the room, I would sooner lean against its body believing it to be the wall than to notice it and point it out. This I call my ‘fallen down tree’ realisation.

I hope I’m not alone in this and that others are as unobservant as me, we could all get together and meet by the giant fallen tree in Cobham. Although, knowing us, we probably wouldn’t see each other…

On another slightly tangential and irrelevant note – Cobham seems like the place to run on a Sunday afternoon. I saw loads of people running around, all of whom were dressed impeccably for the occasion. Interestingly, however, they all ran for a bit and then stopped and walked and then ran again, as if they needed a break from running 2 minutes – every runner I saw in Cobham did this. Why can’t they just keep running?!  Why can’t you Cobham, why?!

P.S. For a sarcastic and pretty hilarious mockery of the recent storm, check out this page.