The best car to buy

What a glorious double post Friday it is today. Even Steve’s ramblings about trains couldn’t ruin it…

And the question I’m asking right now is ‘what is the best car to buy?’ Fortunately for you curious types, I’m also going to answer it.

You could spend you’re money on a Ford focus, a fiat 500 or one of those fast ones from top gear but you’d be missing out. You wouldn’t get the best.

Because this is the best:


That’s right, it’s a little tikes car but for adults.

It’s one of those ones that you push around with your feet like a Flintstone. That is the best car by far. You know it – I don’t even need to convince you.

I really want one but there is a major problem. They are not selling them. It’s currently just being made for publicity. But I need it.

And that’s why we’ve tweeted @littletikes to make them put the car on the market. You should definitely do the same. Our twitter link is at the top of the page.

Don’t waste you’re money on cars with engines, folks. Buy better. Society needs the giant cozy coupe. I think it will probably end all wars. People would be having too much fun to be fighting each other.

So get your tweet on and bring the giant kids car to market. We need your help. If you’re lazy you can just retweet us…

Happy weekend everybody!