The best reason to love the sea

Seaside sunset

A toast to the sea

I really love being beside the seaside, oh how I love to be beside the sea.

It’s really an incredible place and somewhere I always love to visit. My Dad has always spoken about his fondness of the sea and his desire to live beside it, something which I can now completely understand – it is simply amazing.

Every Boxing Day, give or take a few, we’ve gone as a family to the coast, mainly to give us a better chance of catching hypothermia but also because it is such a nice place to go. We wonder along the beaches and through the empty little seaside towns thinking about all the ‘normal’ people attacking each other in the sales, whilst giving knowing looks to all those other intrepid (read foolish) seaside explorers.

It is a tradition and something which I intend to carry on into the future.

However, this is not my best reason to love the sea, because a list of great things about the sea could carry on for a long time: it makes any sunset better, it’s somewhere to go surfing, the deep sea fish are flipping incredible, fires are often significantly improved, staring across the sea can fill you with a sense of wonderment and awe at its immense power and so on and so on.

No, the best thing about the sea is that it gives you an excuse to do things you wouldn’t normally do – in fact, a lot of things done beside the sea would really be a bit weird in any other context.

For instance, whenever I go to the sea I like to dig massive holes in the sand – it’s very satisfying and fun – but if I were to do this in my backyard I would seriously confuse my neighbours. They would presume I was either mad or I had something to hide in my massive hole.

The next step I would take by the seaside would further puzzle my neighbours onlooking my garden which is now a giant hole: I would get in the hole and ask someone to bury me.

When else in life do you have a desire to be buried alive other than at the seaside?! It’s a very peculiar yet alluring phenomenon – something which I hope does not dwindle in old age.

The seaside also turns most of us into feet artists. I don’t often draw with my feet and when I do, it’s probably to write “Steve woz ere 2013” in the sand on a massive scale. Or maybe something more imaginative like “You smell”, then lots of people feel silly for reading my writing.

I don’t really know many large scale artists other than Neil Buchanan (below), but we all appear by the seaside, it’s our prerogative.

If you have the time/patience to watch the whole thing then please do, or just skip to 3:09 to see the finishing touches, that’s what I did.