Steve’s best life lesson learnt today

Throughout your life many people will tell you life lessons, some of which will be helpful: “Don’t run with scissors”, and some which will be less helpful: “Never trust an extinct species of animal.”

It's beady eyes scream deception

The Dodo’s beady eyes scream deception

But often these go over my head and I completely disregard them, not because they aren’t helpful nuggets, but probably because they don’t immediately apply to my situation. For instance, the time to tell me “Don’t run with scissors” is whilst I’m running a marathon and a co-runner offers me a pair of scissors, not whilst I’m placidly watching TV.

This, as you can imagine, can present some difficulties for me when these circumstances arise and so the most common way I learn a life lesson is for me to get it wrong. This will guarantee that I remember the situation and learn from my mistakes.

Which leads me on to my most recent mistake: using a tumble dryer to dry one of my “do not tumble dry” jumpers.

I’ve heard of clothes shrinking in the dryer but I had never experienced it, in fact, I didn’t believe it actually happened. I always assumed it only occurred in cheap sitcoms or applied to some kind of super delicate cashmere sweater.

Well, I discovered first hand that even a relatively cheap TKMaxx jumper can shrink. It was kind of sad. Also pretty funny, but kind of sad.

Below is a picture of me wearing said jumper, it doesn’t fit so well now:

This is my distraught face

This is my distraught face

I hope this mistake highlights the importance of checking whether or not your clothes can tumble dry – unless, of course, you like wearing tight clothing. In which case, go ahead, it works a treat!