Steve’s best way to ‘butter up’ the economy

After a while it becomes more difficult to find things to say.

If you are a natural born researcher and acquirer of fun and interesting things then writing a blog about the best things can just roll off the fingers.

But if you’re like me and you’re often baffled by how people can discover cool things on the internet (often they just look at blogs – but where do those who write the blogs find the goods?!) then you’ll know where I’m coming from.

And this is the starting point for this post: I’ve racked my brains for what to write and all I could think of was writing about butter…

Really?! Butter?!

But I want to propose to you that the example led by butter, or rather butter packaging, is something which should spread and be used more liberally.

Let me set you a scene:

You’ve got a date coming round and you want to impress them. You crack out the recipe for your famous shortbread which calls for 50g of butter (this is a very small shortbread). What do you do? Bring out the scales and weigh the butter? Unfortunately this greases up your scales and you spend literally hours trying to work out the correct amount.

Or do you do just look at the packaging…

photo (2)

I definitely can believe it’s butter – all the measuring markings are there

This is something which I love: butter packaging marks where every 50g of butter is! Genius!

I love this so much that I only use my butter in increments of 50g.

But why should this be restricted to butter alone? Let’s put measures on the side of milk cartons, on bags of flour and bags of rice. Let’s put it on wine bottles, on beer bottles, on everything!

Think of the wasted time which can now be saved. This is a recession beating, economy building idea. Forget HS2, what we really need is to quickly determine the volumes we so often use in our life, that’s how we’ll make Britain strong again.

This is a measuring revolution…are you on board?