Steve’s best company Twitter faux pas

twitter_facebook1Social media is seen as the new currency: companies like Facebook and Twitter are given billion-dollar valuations and the lay-company is trying their hardest to keep up. Plenty of high-street stores have Facebook pages and engaging users into the brand is a key area plenty of businesses wish to invest in.

Which is why, when given the opportunity, British Gas thought it would be a great idea to do a Q&A session on the day of their huge, inflation-busting, money-draining, people-saddening price hikes.

However, it felt like they had overlooked a key problem with this idea: people aren’t going to be very happy with an increase in the cost of their fuel and are likely to abuse the Twitter Q&A.

And abuse they did…

Check out this website for plenty of other funny tweets from this British Gas Twitter faux pas – maybe they’ll reduce their prices in response – we can only hope…

Have a good double-post Friday everyone – it’s like having non-identical twin posts!