Jon’s best of the BBC good food show

It’s almost live blogging today folks. I’m enjoying double post Friday at the same time as attending this food show in Glasgow.

I’m going to vomit my highlights at you as I go…


This stall is called the wee tea company and if you look carefully you will see that it sells wee bags and wee pouches. Yum.


This amazing white chocolate and raspberry cake probably serves two. It is cooked in an egg poaching ring and baking paper contraption.


What’s good about this photo? Well they have a mirror so you can see what’s happening on the stove. I wish my cooking was impressive enough to have that viewing mirror.

Update: the demonstration chef just threw apples at us because he was cross that we sometimes waste apples.

At lunchtime…


They serve you bean casserole in a cup…


And pun of the day goes to raisins to be cheerful ice cream. You simply have to enjoy a pun like that. There’s no other option.

I’m now sat in a theatre. Mary berry and Paul Hollywood are coming soon…

All the waiting increases the tension.

Here they are:


The baking they did was fun, the banter was classic and it’s always nice to be in a happy crowd.

Now the day is over and you are surely wondering what I bought…


Some damn good sausages of course…

That’s my almost live best thing for the day and remember:

Whatever you do

do it double.