Steve’s best trait of rappers

Rap is quite a popular music genre.

Within that genre, rappers need to be known, they need their name to be shouted out, to be Googled, to be written in lights. Once you do that you get a gold chain and maybe some diamonds, unless you’re a concious rapper and then you get a tree planted in your name. It comes with a certificate which you can then wear around your neck on a hemp chain, super cool.

Because of this importance to get your name known, rappers often like to reference themselves in songs – in fact there are three notable songs which spring to mind, almost entirely about the rappers’ name.

The first is the unforgettable Who Am I (What’s My Name) by the ever entertaining Snoop Dogg:

This is really all about Snoop Dogg being called Snoop Dogg, and the chorus is super catchy, sticking his name in my brain. Although, he’s undermined himself recently by changing his name to Snoop Lion, I’ve just got know idea who to listen to now.

Secondly, is Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady:

Once again this has an annoyingly memorable chorus and you really do know his name is Slim Shady. Actually, My Name Is does a similar thing, he’s definitely called Slim Shady. But wait, I thought he was called Eminem? And who is this Marshall Mathers cited with writing the songs? I’m just a little confused here…

Thirdly, and more obscurely, is Chillin’ by Wale (pronounced Wah-lay, probably why he wrote the song):

This vehemently solidifies the fact that he’s called Wah-lay and don’t you forget it. If you call him a huge water dwelling mammal he’s going to be a little peeved. It also includes a less crazy looking Gaga, what a treat!

Ultimately, the reason I love this trait is because of 2 Chainz, not because of his quality of rap, but because his ‘rapper name reminder’ is brilliant. On a lot of the songs he’s featured he has this urge to go “2 Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnzzzzzz” which is great because it really highlights the fact that he’s branded this song with himself.

Have a listen to Talk Dirty to see what I mean, he comes in at about 1:53. Or maybe listen to Trampoline, he comes in at about 2:14.

He’s almost inescapable nowadays, given that he features on pretty much every song released in the past 3 months. In fact I wrote a song last week called You didn’t know my name before but because I sing it a lot in a catchy way then it’s forcibly drilled into your skull, he actually spit a couple of verses for me, it was mainly him just going “2 Chaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnzzzz”

So thanks rap for giving me the joy of knowing the names of all your major (and minor) players, it will certainly prove invaluable and I’ve now learnt how to get strangers to remember my name, just shout, “Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” whenever I see them.

Finally, any discussion about people saying their names in songs would not be complete without an honourable mention to Jason Derulo, although not a rapper himself, he sure does a darn good job: