Steve’s best way to fight the grump

grumpy cat

I don’t want anyone to fight grumpy cat – this is the only good kind of grump

As I write this I’m pretty grumpy.

I drove a 230 mile round trip today after getting up early, just to talk to some people about clothing.

I didn’t get back until about 8pm and I’ve only just eaten my tea at about 9:30pm. I’m pretty tired.

In the big scheme of things my day wasn’t that bad – plenty of people have worse days and have worse jobs (not rubbing it in), so I won’t complain for long, I’m just a little bit grumpy. Which is important, because this is the place where my post is coming from.

Over the years I’ve realised, like billions of kids, that when I get tired I get grumpy, and when I get grumpy I get angry, and when I get angry I become the most passive aggressive person in the world, secretly annoyed by every little thing.

But how can I combat the grump? How can I stop him in his dirty little tracks?

I can go to sleep!


I’m glad she put make-up on before going to sleep because otherwise she would have looked soooo ugly!

Sleep is a wonderful thing, simply read this article to understand the benefit of sleeping through your alarm, it can improve your life.

I really like it, that’s why I’m a big fan of the ‘corpse’ position in yoga.

Tomorrow, when I read this through to check for any obvious speeling mistkaes, I’ll definitely be in a better mood – in fact the grump will have packed up his bags and gone to affect some other weary soul.

So if you’re feeling grumpy, have a sleep. If it’s the middle of the day, have a sleep. If you’re in a lecture, have a sleep. If you’re in your year review with your boss, paint some eyeballs on your eyelids and then have a sleep. It’ll do wonders for your health.