Jon’s 9 best ways to make your man love you

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Men are dogs, right? Some angry people say that. But I think far more people believe and act like the reverse is sort of true…

Dogs are a lot like men. Both groups like to dig, eat and smell new stuff. I think these similarities are part of the reason why pictures of dogs in clothes are so good.

And that’s really the logic behind this post – cats are girls and dogs are boys. You might have to take my word for that.

Because I’m about to give you 9 tips on How to make your man love you, based entirely on a similar guide about How to make your dog love you. You can tell me in the comments if you think it makes sense…

I’ve only changed a few words.

How to make your man love you:

  1. Observe your man – How does he act when he wants to play? When is he hungry? When does he want to cuddle? Understanding what your man wants is a great first step in being more responsive to his needs, and as such will make him like you better.
  2. Petting is a good way to start. But observe signs that your man is done with being petted. Many chaps won’t let you pet them when they want to play.
  3. The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Soft foods that give off a strong meat scent are usually a great way to get his attention. Get him to sit, or lie down, or stay before giving the treat. Don’t offer treats too often – if they come too easy your man thinks every action is the correct one. REMEMBER, if a man isn’t your own, always ask permission to feed him.
  4. All men should be taught obedience routines – If you don’t know how to train your man, consult someone else who has an exceptionally well behaved one.
  5. Don’t neglect daily chores. Feeding is an obvious one; but take a few minutes out of your day to brush your man. He’ll benefit from the daily attention.
  6. Blokes love to be walked. It will make it much less of a chore on you teach him to walk without pulling you over or tripping you. Plus it helps get some energy out.
  7. Respect your man’s space. Don’t always be smothering him, or he may begin to avoid you.
  8. Don’t stare your man right in the eye. Some chaps consider it a threat. Look off to the side. Men bare their teeth when they are ready to lash out and may take your pearly whites the wrong way.
  9. Praise your man when he does things right, like “Good Boy”

Let me know whether this stuff works on your husbands/boyfriends/strangers – I’m definitely interested to find out!

Here’s the original WikiHow article if you want to see the advice in its purest form.

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Have a super double-post Friday, folks.