Steve’s best reverse Hungry Hungry Hippos game

Green was always the hungriest - always the hippo of the victor

Green was always the hungriest – always the hippo of the victor

We all remember our childhood days, slamming down a small lever aiming to get a small, plastic hippo to ingest a ball. There were many tears shed and many family days ruined because of the sheer ferocity which came from this one small game – it brought out the worst in some.

You may now be feeling content that this insanity has left you, that you are living a life free of the great hippo pellet rush, in fact, you may even go as far to say that you never wish for any mass produced animal effigy to swallow a spherical object again.

Well if that is you then I have a new game you’ll love: Grab a Crab.

Grab a crab

It’s basically the opposite of Hungry, Hungry Hippos – you don’t want those darn balls and you try your hardest not to get them, protecting the sanctity of your crabs stomach.

The game is very simple and comes with an intricate back story:

A flock of crabs have come ashore after fighting the ‘Great Crab War of 2011’. Although a truce has officially been declared between the orange, yellow, purple and green crab clans, four rogue crabs have decided their fates will not be decided by the higher ups – they will fight to the end.

Unfortunately, due to the war, they have lost their legs and are fixed in place only to be bombarded by an onslaught of vicious anti-crab pellets released by the humans in an attempt to stem the rampant crab population. The crabs, therefore, must flick the pellets away with their claws in a desperate attempt to survive.

As tensions rise between the different colour crab clans, who will be the victor? Who will still be breathing down to the last claw flick? Who will arise victorious to avenge the honour of their fallen comrades? The result is down to you…

Wow, it’s pretty heavy stuff!

Essentially this game is Hungry Hungry Hippos but under a different guise. It’s not fooling anyone. Still pretty fun though.

In other news, my challenge Steve challenge has arrived at something of a roadblock. In order for anything to be posted on Freecycle it must be vetted by an admin, particularly if you are posting for the very first time, in order to prevent spammers (essentially me – my post for some baked Camembert hasn’t materialised yet) from posting.

This may rely on me gaining the trust of the Freecycle moderators and them hitting them with some fake stuff, so stay tuned, the process is under way…