Steve’s best albums of September

ImageAs September drew its curtain and came to a close, I was reminded of two superb albums which I have been listening to over and over on repeat, desensitising myself completely to them. They are by the brilliant bands The Naked And Famous and CHVRCHES (pronounced ‘churches’ for those who obviously don’t get that a ‘v’ is a ‘u’ nowadays).


Look how moody and worldly they look – clearly a second album

For The Naked And Famous it is the difficult second album, following the amazing Passive Me, Agressive You (click here for the first ever post written on this blog about this album – it’s not my finest work), called In Rolling Waves. It’s a 12 track sonnet to maturity as it feels much more grown up and denser, like a good malt loaf, than their previous work.

Admittedly, on first listen, I wanted them to punch the album more, give me some of the ferocity there was in the first album, but now I couldn’t imagine the songs any other way. My favourite by far is ‘I Kill Giants’, which is barnstormingly brilliant!

I also love the lyric (quite abnormal for me, I tend not to hear lyrics unless they’re really bad e.g. ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry – these lyrics make me want to vomit) in the song ‘The Mess’ which goes, “There’s nothing left in this place but the reason to leave”. Brilliant! Not Keats or Byron but who reads those guys now anyway?!

Finally, get your strut on to ‘Waltz’ – this coincides pretty well with my walking pace and I feel like I’m stomping the pavement with purpose, I definitely get more swag when listening to this.


Blatant frivolity – definitely the debut

Moving onto the debut from CHVRCHES ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ – an homage to the liberal usage of synthesisers from about 30 years ago. I loved this band from the word ‘The Mother We Share’ and eagerly anticipated their first release for about 9 months. It eventually arrived and it’s great!

The singles are absolute tunes but the atmospheric and airy ‘You Caught The Light’ is really the winner for me. It immediately stood out with its heavily distorted guitars and shoegaze-esque qualities which left me staring into space for about 20 minutes afterwards thinking about nothing at all, a true success of a song.

An interesting thing about CHVRCHES is that they love to sample their voices and make the songs out of them. Now, that does sound like I’ve just described someone singing but they are incredibly liberal with it. For instance, listen to ‘Lungs’ and my meaning will become clear.

One great thing which both these bands have in common is their touring this year and my possession of tickets to see said touring – winter is going to be a gig filled season!

Hopefully an actual best thing didn’t detract from the whimsy and fun of this blog, however I felt like I needed to say something on these albums and, who knows, maybe one of you will listen to them.

That would be nice…