Jon’s best time to be alive for TV


On closer inspection, I’m fairly sure this is just a fancy box with a sheet of paper stuck to it

TV is like a friend you can boss around and switch off when it isn’t interesting enough. It’s also the modern way to tell stories and as humans we’re always interested in stories. Like when old caveman Jones used to tell our ancestors about the time he killed a mammoth with its own tusk.

But what is the best time for TV? And I don’t mean like 7pm on Tuesdays. I mean time periods like the 50s or the naughties (I hate myself every time I use that term). The best time for TV is…

…Well, it’s now. Today is a pretty good day to be into watching TV and I’ll give you three reasons why:

  1.  You have all the power – I remember when channel five came to my house and I thought that my life would get so much better. In some ways it did. I have enjoyed some of the things on the fifth and probably worst channel. I also enjoy the extra option – one channel richer. After that Freeview took us to the next level and now lots of people don’t even watch tv on tvs. Netflix and the like are changing the game and catch up means you have a week’s worth of options all at once.
  2. There’s hope on my TV guide – I’ve just got a freesat box that records stuff so the TV guide is important to me. And when I look, I can actually see stuff that I want to record. This is rare for me. I series-linked The Wrong Mans (pretty good), Agents of Shield (nice to have a shiny new american show) and the BBC’s Atlantis (a bit disappointing but I’ll still watch it). I’m starting to sense that the years of people singing or dancing every Saturday are almost over. 
  3.  You’ve probably missed some good stuff – In Britain a lot of good American programming is shoved on to obscure channels and given no advertising budget. So we’re left watching Take me out and questioning what happened to old caveman Jones and his tales of wonder. Well, don’t do that. Right now you can buy Community Season 1-3 or Parks and Recreation Season 1-4 for a Jon-recommended comedy fix. You could try stuff like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones if you like drugs or dwarves. Watch the shows you didn’t watch first time round but make sure you give them 4 episodes to stick. Otherwise you should save your money.

There are just too many reasons to be pleased about TV at the minute and right now truly is the best time to be alive for this type of entertainment. Just make sure you go outside as well sometimes.

Also, isn’t it good that present day – no matter what the day – is probably always going to be the best time for TV? Every new programme is just sort of added to one big pile of all-the-TV-that-ever-was and you can access it if you try hard enough.

If you don’t like TV but do like Men’s shorts being pulled down to reveal some tighty-whities to a crowd – you’ll probably enjoy this series of pictures.