Jon’s best way to improve freecycle


After considerable research I’ve decided that the best things in life aren’t free. They just aren’t.

I went on freecycle and I found the old bricks listed above. There was also an intriguing bed-base, side table, and thermos flask combo.

But despite the lack of things that are both good and free – people still say and generally believe:

The best things in life are free

And that’s because they are talking about happiness and laughter and playing rock. The sort of priceless type of free rather than the worthless sort.

So my idea is for people that use freecycle to put some of those best things up there.

Instead of offering an old pair of underwear with only minimal stains – why not give the option of a really good joke? Or maybe you could put an ad out there for the best piece of advice you’ve ever got.

It might be better than showing the world that old lamp in your garage.

Don’t get me wrong though – I don’t want this idea to catch on too much. I just want to see the occasional offer of a compliment or something nice in between the junk.

Maybe it could come as a package with half a spanner and some VHS videos.

That would make freecycle worth a visit sometime.

Now before I end, there is just about time for:


A feature I just made up that has stunning art work.

Your challenge, Steve, is to get three of these ‘priceless’ type of free things onto freecycle. You can start relatively normal but each one has to be more outlandish than the other.

And as always in this feature – pictures or it didn’t happen.

Steve will upload his results later this week on our facebook page so keep a beady eye out for that!