Steve’s best birthday card

birthdaycakeFor my friend’s birthday I bought her a birthday card.

Now, for most people, this is an easy and routine task however for me, and with this particular friend, I often struggle. It was, in fact, the first time in the 5 years I’ve known her that I remembered her birthday.

I put all my effort into making sure I bought her a card for every year which I had forgotten and that she got them on her birthday. From the message of thanks I got, I gathered that I had succeeded in this task, something I considered unlikely.

Not only had I achieved the impossible, wishing her a happy birthday in card and pen form, but I also managed to get her a brilliant card at the same time:


Don’t let the simplicity and innocuousness of this card fool you, it really is fantastic. It’s got the basic, but cute, picture of a lion on the front with the pun of the century, “Hope it’s Roarsome!”

When I read that it floored me, which was quite embarrassing in the middle of Card Factory, but it just felt so perfect, so right. It didn’t matter that this card cost approximately 20p (shh don’t tell my friend) and that it wasn’t from Paperchase or some other self-congratulatory card haven, all that mattered was that I would have chosen it from a bank of 100 other cards because it was the best.

On a slightly related, but still quite unrelated note, this reminds me of some job interview advice I heard recently:

Enter the room on all fours with ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry playing on your phone. Pace around until it ends. Then leave.

If you want more sound job interview advice from this incredibly perceptive person then you can find a good list of them here.

That’s it for today, after the fun of the weekend I hope you all have a roarsome Monday!