Jon’s best type of friend to have and be


If internet browsers were your friends who would be the best one?

Would you chill with Chrome? – No, he’s too good at everything. Too quick, too smart too rich – he makes you look bad.

Would you throw rocks at other rocks with Firefox? Of course not – you might get rabies.

Would you go into town with Safari? No, he’s always with his cool friends, looking in his pocket mirror to check he’s still cool.

My point is simply that internet explorer is the best type of friend because you can make fun of him. Maybe that’s why he’s so popular. He goes by the nickname IE and he’s sort of lovable in the way he asks you permission for stuff all the time.

But that’s enough about browsers because today we’re talking about friendship.

And there are so many ways to be a good friend. You could try hating the same stuff as them, making strong eye contact or maybe even pull out the ‘Hit them with a Haiku’ friendship seduction technique. (More about this in future blogs)

The best thing you can possibly do though is to be secure – the naming of a little flaw shouldn’t ruin your day.

I questioned Steve recently on his green looking trousers. He didn’t mind too much and because of that our friendship survived – it was a close call though.

One time I told my friend that her eyebrows were quite far apart. That was a bad idea. We’re still friends but you shouldn’t comment on a lady’s eyebrows. They are not too hairy, too close together, too angry looking – they are nothing.

I guess there is a fine balance to be struck somewhere between not insulting people too much and not being too grouchy about things.

It’s all very difficult. So if you want to be a good friend just be like internet explorer – too stupid to notice anything.

Happy double post Friday everyone…