Jon’s best wedding ring alternative


Gimli would certainly love the only sensible alternative to a wedding ring

Once in a while people get married and they wear rings to let people know about it. Really we’re fortunate because the convention could have been to get a tattoo like this. Fortunately though, a wedding band is what most of the married folk end up with.

But for some this just doesn’t fit with their personality or their circumstances. Maybe they have claustrophobic fingers or they get nervous around metal. Maybe they have an active job where no jewellery is allowed.

For these types of people, there is a man.

The man’s name is Dan and he whittles, chops and generally makes stuff out of wood. In his workshop he can’t wear a ring. So he and his wife came up with a better idea:

This is my wedding axe. When I got married I didn’t want a ring, as I wouldn’t be able to wear it while working with wood. So my wife and I took a romantic trip to the Gränsfors Bruks factory in Sweden, where we designed and made the axe.

What a man! What an idea! This is not a picture of his wedding axe but it is someone else’s:

someone else's wedding axe

This is a firefighter’s wedding axe

For the wedding axe to work, you have to get your symbolism right. Maybe the marriage makes him sharper. Together the couple can cut through all obstacles. Things like that rather than things like ‘This marriage makes me want to smash things with an axe.’

It’s not for everyone but I think it clearly is the best alternative. If I wasn’t sporting a silver wedding band, I would probably have the axe. I wonder if they would let me take it to work.

If you’re worried about the weight, size or fear factor, you could always try the pocket axe.

Stories like this make me want to start whittling – that’s surely how I will spend my retirement days.

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