Steve’s best thing about writing a quiz

This answer works for a lot of other things as well...

This answer works for a lot of other things as well…

A friend and I recently had the joy of compiling a quiz for a group of people and I realised something along the way: I really like asking quiz questions!


I think if I could have a job asking questions to people, something like what Jeremy Paxman does, but with less of the know-it-all attitude, then that would be amazing. I would become the question master and all would be amazed at my superior knowledge, even though someone else would probably write the questions.

I’m not sure what it is about it, maybe I just like feeling smug because I know the answer to a question someone else doesn’t, or perhaps because I like the feeling of control it gives, or maybe even because I like the sound of my own voice. Whichever one it may be, it’s undoubtedly a little bit narcissistic.

When playing Trivial Pursuit or some other question game, I have to be really careful not to hog reading out the questions and to share it around equally with the others playing. Particularly tricky, is trying to make it look like you don’t care because, let’s be honest, liking reading out questions isn’t cool.

In fact, questions aren’t particularly cool in general. If you want to be cool you’ve got to say statements like:

“That was so last year” or “This band was so much better before they were popular”, instead of asking the questions, “Was that a trend last year?” or “Was anyone aware of this band before they were popular?”

But, alas, I wasn’t born to be cool (a talent with mathematics and my exceptionally skinny genes made sure of that one), which means that asking, and getting joy out of asking questions is perfectly fine. I won’t be forfeiting anything.

All I can hope is that one day, one brilliant day, I get to the dizzying heights of this quiz maestro:

For all those dying to know what my favourite question was on the quiz we wrote, I think it’s got to be this one:

In 1999, the NSA in America banned Furbies from their headquarters, why did they do this?

(a)   They were distracting the NSA workers and making the workforce inefficient

(b)   Due to their popularity, many workers would fight over the Furbies when it came to Christmas as it was the must have present

(c)   The Furbies gave the heads of the NSA ‘the creeps’

(d)   The NSA were worried Furbies would ‘learn’ and repeat classified information said in the headquarters when they were taken home

Feel free to comment on the answer…